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The majority of administrative assistant responsibilities concentrate on maintaining and disseminating information inside an office. Answering phones, taking memos, and maintaining files are all examples of what this entails. Administrative assistants may be responsible for sending and receiving letters, as well as greeting clients and customers. So, you can continue to read this article if you fit in the administrative assistant job position.

About Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University is a public research university on Burnaby Mountain in British Columbia, Canada. However, it has satellite campuses in Downtown Vancouver and Surrey. The 1.7 km2 main campus on Burnaby Mountain, located 20 kilometers from downtown Vancouver, started in 1965 and now has over 30,000 students and 950 staff members.

administrative assistant job

UniverCity, an urban hamlet, is next to the university. Furthermore, the university was named after Simon Fraser, a fur trader and explorer for the North West Company. Undergraduate and graduate programs follow a tri-semester schedule all year.

Job Description

The administrative assistant job is not complex. As an administrative assistant, you will be responsible for arranging travel and meetings. You will also prepare reports. In addition to excellent oral and written communication skills, the ideal candidate should also use Microsoft Excel and office equipment to organize their work.


The administrative assistant provides administrative, reception, clerical, financial, and confidential secretarial services to Director, Associate Director, and the Manager. The role assists with campus and off-campus events and projects. Also, they compose correspondence and reports, screen in-person, email, and telephone inquiries, and maintains schedules.

Furthermore, the assistant provides administrative and financial support to the supervisor and ensures that the office spaces and equipment, including IT equipment, are in good working order. Financial transactions are processed by processing expenditures and revenues, reconciliation, and maintaining the financial records.


  • Firstly, graduation from high school and two years of postsecondary education in French language studies are required.
  • You should have experience of at least two years.
  • It is acceptable to have an equivalent combination of formal education, certificate/program of study, and work experience.
  • Oral and written fluency in French and English.
  • Excellent understanding of common office procedures, methods, and equipment.
  • Good understanding of financial information systems and concepts, as well as automated record keeping.
  • Having a good understanding of and ability to use social media.
  • Excellent problem-solving, analytical reasoning, and organizational skills.
  • Excellent spreadsheet and database application skills.
  • Ability to perform accurate basic arithmetic calculations.
  • Intermediate proficiency in word processing, web-based e-mail, and presentation applications in a PC environment.
  • Ability to keep records in a highly accurate manner.
  • Ability to handle sensitive information discreetly.
  • With a high degree of accuracy, you can type at 50 words per minute.
  • Lastly, intermediate knowledge of enterprise-level information systems.


You will need all of these skills to apply for this administrative assistant job at Simon Fraser University. Please complete and submit your application as soon as feasible. Keep in mind that no one will ask for money or compensation in exchange for your services to receive the job. All that is required is that you have the talent and apply yourself. I wish you good luck!