By | September 5, 2021

Some of the many factors that make Canada a great place for foreigners include world-class universities and a high standard of living. Even, people consider the thriving job market and welcoming society. However, it’s never too early to start thinking about knowing about Canada. Also, you need to know the important things you need to study in Canada if you are going as a student. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the planning stages of studying in Canada or have already been accepted into a post-secondary institution.

Below is the list of things you need to study in Canada as a Student.

1. Passport

Things You Need to Study in Canada

The passport issued to citizens of Canada is the Canadian passport. It allows the transporter to leave and return freely to Canada. For international travel, a passport is essential. However, if you have no passport, apply to have a passport in your country. If you have a passport, check the expiry date: if your passport expires in six months or less, you can’t travel internationally. Furthermore, you are responsible for keeping your passport up-to-date once you land in Canada. You will have to contact your country’s consulate or embassy if you want to extend or renovate your passport in Canada.

2. Letter of Acceptance

Things You Need to Study in Canada

A letter of acceptance is one of the necessary things you need to study in Canada, as a student. An acceptance letter can be called a letter of offer. To obtain a study license, you must provide your acceptance letter. However, you will have received a letter of acceptance if they accepted you to a designated Canadian post-secondary school. Certain acceptance letters are subject to requirements. This means that the applicant has special requirements before beginning his/her main curriculum. Furthermore, English as a second language or fran├žais as a second language course are common requirements.

3. Proof of Financial Capability

One of the things you need to study in Canada, as a student is proof of financial capability. You need to present a document that proves that you can fend for yourself financially. All international students in Canada must prove that they have a minimum of CAD 10,000 per year or CAD 833 per month. However, there are additional financial requirements if they are bringing family members with them.

4. Study Permit

The study permit is a document that we issue that enables foreigners to study at designated institutions in Canada. However, the document which enables you to enter Canada differs from the student visas. In general, before arriving in Canada, you must apply for a study permit. Some people may request an internally licensed study permit.

5. Accommodation

Things You Need to Study in Canada

When you arrive at college, you will need to have a secure place to stay. Finding a place to stay that is both affordable and close to your school can be difficult if you have never visited the area before, but there are a variety of options. As soon as you’ve been accepted to university, you should start thinking about where you’ll live. You may choose on or off-campus.

6. Health Insurance for Students

Things You Need to Study in Canada

Health insurance is required for all international students studying in Canada. International students, on the other hand, are not covered by the Canadian government’s health insurance program. Depending on where you live, you may be able to obtain private or provincial health insurance.

Private health insurance offers more tailored insurance plans to meet your specific long-term needs. Some universities offer student health insurance plans that cover additional medical expenses. Depending on your province, provincial health insurance covers the basics but excludes dental care, vision care, and other more specific health concerns.