By | September 4, 2021

Canada is a country that is warm to foreigners that live there. It is why people from different parts of the world try their possible best to relocate to Canada. Though this process is not an easy one, there are easy and fast ways to migrate to Canada without stress. This article will put you through the easiest and fastest ways to migrate to Canada. You can obtain a work permit, an understudy visa, or a visa for an opportunity to begin living in Canada. However, Canada is the world’s second-largest country. For each of its migrants and residents, Canada offers a high-level training framework and free essential health care. Read on!

1. Study Permit

The study permit is a paper that the authorities publish that allows foreigners to study in designated education institutions in Canada. However, your study license is not a visa. You can’t enter Canada with only the study permit, you also need a visitor’s visa for travel.

fastest ways to migrate to Canada

And if your permit is approved, you will receive your permit. There is no better way to go to Canada if you or your parents can afford it than to study at a Canadian University or college. For graduates of post-secondary institutions, Canada offers permanent residency streams. Before applying, please ensure that you have all the documents you need.

2. Visitor Visa

Having a visitor visa is one of the fastest ways to migrate to Canada. A visitor visa is your official passport document. You can apply online or on paper for a visitor visa. You can’t work with your visitor visa in Canada. However, you can talk about future work with potential employers.

fastest ways to migrate to Canada

It is not advisable you lie to the border officers when they ask you why you want to visit Canada. Lying might make them dismiss you. Instead, you should plan a real vacation in Canada and see whether you can make any connections to this beautiful country while here. You can also only stay in Canada for six months on a visitor visa.

3. Work Permit

For two reasons, a temporary work visa is a fast way to emigrate to Canada. The processing time can take up to 2 weeks and you don’t need to qualify for a specific Comprehensive Ranking System score. However, anywhere from eight to 3 months, a postgraduate job permit may be valid.

Employer-specific and Open working permits are two types of work permits that exist. You can work in Canada under the conditions on your work permit through an employer-specific work permit. With the Open working permit, you can work with any employee in Canada on a working license, other than one which is not listed on the list of employers who have failed to comply and offered striptease or erotic massages on a regular basis.

4. International Experience Canada

The IEC participants are eligible to travel to Canada immediately with a letter of introduction and a valid job offer. Before you travel, check the start date of your job offer. IEC programs have three types:

  • Co-Op: You must be an eligible student in a post-secondary school in your country.
  • Working Holidays: This option is open to most citizens of the above-mentioned countries aged 18-35 if you meet the requirements.
  • Young Professionals: You need a college degree and a job opportunity.

5. Spousal Influence and Sponsorship

fastest ways to migrate to Canada

If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you have the right to bring your spouse to Canada. Citizens and permanent residents of Canada can sponsor the permanent resident status of their spouses. However, as Canadian citizens and permanent residents, the vast majority of those immigrants arrived as their spouses and partners.