By | September 3, 2021

As a Nigerian that loves to travel and explore, you may be worried about which country you can visit only with your Nigerian passport. You may even think that visa-free countries are not possible. But it is. As a Nigerian, you can visit a few visa-free countries. Some countries will however provide you with a visa upon your arrival. The visa would last a long time. Then you’d learn about your requirements for visas. This article discusses the visa-free countries you can visit as a Nigerian.

Traveling, for Nigerians, require adequate planning. With Nigerian passports ranking 83rd in the world, it is always difficult and demanding to acquire a visa. Perhaps a visa is not necessary if you only take part in adventures. However, if you’re a student, you need a visa because these countries offer only a short stay and only 45 countries allow Nigerians without a visa to enter their country.

1. Burundi

visa-free countries you can visit as a Nigerian

Burundi is a country with a great culture in East Africa. This country allows Nigerians to stay for 30 days without a visa requirement. Drumming, the Royal Drummer of Burundi has been an important part of the culture in Burundi for 40 years. The country is known as well for its crafts, which offer tourists a great gift, which is the shields, baskets, masks, statues, ceramics. It is also worth enjoying the country’s oral tradition through poetry, stories, and songs.

2. Morocco

visa-free countries you can visit as a Nigerian

Morocco is among Nigerian passport holders’ visa-free countries. It features stunning cafes, shops, and street restaurants. Also, it is ideal for newly married couples who want a honeymoon. However, Morocco is a good place for people to visit because of the weather and the special treatment they give.

3. Cameroon

visa-free countries you can visit as a Nigerian

Nigerians can enter Cameroon without a visa since it is one of the countries that don’t require a visa before entering. Each of the parks has a variety of animals, including lions, antelopes, and birds. See the National Museum Yaounde & Zoo Mvog-Betsi and La Pagode Maritime Museum Douala. Nigerians, however, have a limited 90-day residence in Cameroon.

4. Rwanda

visa-free countries you can visit as a Nigerian

Rwanda is one of the visa-free countries you can visit as a Nigerian. It is one of Nigeria’s closest African nations. But, since the genocidal war in 1994, it is a safe nation that has looked fresh. At the point of entry, Nigerian passport holders can get a visa for only $100. Rwanda has finally become a popular destination for tourism and investment.

5. Cape Verde

To enter Cape Verde, Nigerian citizens do not require a visa as long as they can tell immigration officers that when they arrive they do not intend to remain permanently in the Nation. However, you will receive a visa upon arrival if you plan to stay longer. You will also have to show that you have adequate finances in addition to a return ticket.

6. Benin Republic

As a Nigerian, you can visit the Republic of Benin as one of the visa-free countries. You cannot, however, remain in the Republic of Benin only without a visa for up to 90 days. Pendjari National Park is one of the many tourist attractions in Benin, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

7. Senegal

Senegal is a popular African country with a picturesque sandy landscape. The Dakar Lake Retba and the Grand Mosque in Touba are some of the most popular sites in Senegal.  The Nigerian passport holder can, however, list Senegal among visa-free countries. There are 15 million people in this country and several ethnic groups live there. So, you have to travel to Senegal, a land of contrasts, to see the strong opposites between Savannah and Dakar.

8. Ghana

Ghana has a rich history, melodious music, and 27 million people. It is a western African country. In all of these countries, Ghana is one of Nigerians’ non-visa countries. They permit a visa-free stay of 90 days. Moreover, there are a few attractions on Accra and the Cape Coast Castle, along with Wli Waterfalls.

9. Comoros

If you travel to Comoros without a visa, you may obtain a visa on arrival for $50. However, four developed islands with white sand beaches and huge fruit bats are in the Comoros archipelago. Volcanoes and rainforests are also present on the island. One of the best trips on the island is Comoros Island Adventure.

10. Fiji

Fiji can’t be left out when listing the visa-free countries you can visit as a Nigerian. The country permits a 21-day visa-free stay. As a nation on the island of Melanesia, Fiji offers visitors to the country the traditional beach holiday experience. Fiji offers you tropical beaches, aquatic activities, and excellent culture. More so, one of the area’s top tourist attractions is Pacific Harbor Zipline Opportunities, Sigatoka’s Natadola Beach, and Denarau Island’s Port Denarau Marina. In the 330 islands of the archipelago there live a total of 898,760 people.

11. Dominica

This country is amongst the visa free nations, and Nigerians are honored to enjoy this privilege. However, Dominica is a paradise for walks and diving. This combines natural beauty and Caribbean charm with a unique combination. Further, Dominica offers a 201-day visa-free stay, with over 70 000 inhabitants and a rich natural heritage. Trafalgar Falls and Titou Gorge are popular tourist areas.

12. Chad

visa-free countries you can visit as a Nigerian

Chad is the last on our list of visa-free countries you can visit as a Nigerian. Nigerians can stay in Chad for three months without a visa. All you need is a return ticket proving you don’t plan to stay in the nation. You can visit the Cultural Center in Chad to get information on the Chadian people’s rich cultural heritage. You can also visit the Chad National Museum in Yaoundé, the capital city.